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Marriage Issues – How To Develop A Sense of Responsibility

Marriage Issues - How To Develop A Sense of Responsibility

Whoever puts himself in a relationship has a responsibility to make it grow and flourish. Developing The Sense Of Responsibility Inside A Relationship is about keeping the marriage last for a life time. Fidelity is sometimes taken for granted. The partnership of the husband and the wife are now based on convenience.

When the storms of life come and little inconveniences surfaced, some husbands and wives fly out of the door. They are not conscious about keeping their ties together. The husband and the wife should know that they chose to be married and they have to stand by it all through their lives.

Why do some people neglect their responsibilities in life and in marriage?

There are several factors why some people do this. Here are the reasons why:

1. Immaturity

Maturity does not come with age. It comes with the sense of responsibility. Experience in life also makes a person’s perspective broader and better. An immature person does not take responsibility. They are these happy-go-lucky bunch or the spoiled brats. Most of the time, the reason for this is that they have their parents or spouses who supports their waywardness.

2. No futuristic plans for marriage

It you don’t see your marriage to last for the next 50 years then you have no plans to work it out. Perhaps you have, a little. If you do not lay plans to relocate your family in a better place, send your children to college, see them become successful and see yourself with your spouse getting older together, you do not have that sense of responsibility.

3. Apathy for your spouse.

When the spouse keeps on committing infidelity that shows that he/she does not care where the marriage would go. Apathy arises when a person is too much pained that he/she gets numb of the infidelity of the other. This will lead marriage to divorce.

The Beautiful but Irresponsible Wife

Michelle and Ben had been married for 10 years. In that span of time, they had 5 children. Ben is an army officer who is often away from their home. Michelle is a house wife who tends the house and the children.

As an army officer, Ben’s salary is enough to give the needs of his family. The problem is, whenever he comes home, Michelle is always at the neighbor’s house. So, it is Ben who will wash and clothe the children. Feed them and tuck them to sleep. He told Michelle about it but, she is not perceptive of his concerns. Michelle is still immature to know her responsibilities and keeping her family together.

Ben asked his mother to stay with them for a while until Michelle learns how to manage the house and the kids. Good thing, his mother came. She is a gentle lady that knows how to handle her daughter-in-law. After a year, Michele now knows how to run the routine activities and take care of her kids. Thanks to the mom who had given her time to Ben’s family.

Other people in your life are there to help you become a good person. Welcome them and listen to them. They will teach you how to have a sense of responsibility in your marriage. Seek their help instead of shunning them away. (You may interest in Amazing Self, where you can learn to become better in every aspect of your life.)

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